Im a good woman even though some men
Dont see my worth Treat me like shit so I feel like trash Start cursing at me and wanting to whip my ass My mouth is the problem with it I speak my authentic vocabulary He doesnt have to love me it’s not mandatory Elevated not emancipated the number of times I cry has been calculated
Memories rewind over in my head
All the hate and dislike for me I know he wish I was dead At times my remembrance
of memories are blurry some joyful some unpleasant I’ve been wifey before the ring
Arguements day and night
bickering back and forth until the daylight
Cheating brawds calling and texting the phone
Some never knew their names I guess they were lames that had no title just was looking for a quick fix With no attachment
I’m a good woman though u might not
Value what I say but I will say them anyway
I wont be bullied told to be quiet
Just because a man cant handle a womans mind
By all means find another kind
A woman has a weakness but the ability to
Leaving him alone becomes her strength
Home is where you are loved
I cook I clean it’s not appreciated
we are suppose to be as I anticipated
Our love should be strong enough and always implicated let’s make progress together
See eachother win Be at our best go hard no failures Reach the top with no hesitation
With all this destructive noise
we dont Have communication
I am a good woman I wont break a man
If only he will understand
with all my might I will Do all I can if he can’t cooperate he wont be apart of my plan

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