My ink

My words my thoughts and written expression
My ink on my page is my obsession
I like different subjects that the close minded object im proud to write my story
I have chapters to create I’m in no hurry
My practice of patience
I have an obligation
Obligated to get you to think
With opinions u dare criticize my ink
Poetry is used in many forms
Some speak out verbally
I Express mines mentally
My ink my pen
What color should I use
Maybe pink it’s pretty and feminine
Maybe black it’s just simple
I like simple, direct straight to the point
I dont want sympathy or praise
Thats not how I was raised
You like give props
If not just stop
My ink explains truth
And I will inspire youth
Even the old so my opinion will be told
You cant shut me up
Cuz my ink is like my mouth
I’m not left on stuck
Crimes not committed
Livin life not offended
Ink in my book I’m not finished
I’m writing forever until I’m told leave it be
Oh baby my authentic ink is in my words that’s all I see

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