I will always be different
Stand out from most
A loner at best
I dont try to be like the rest
I dont brag about money or how I’m livin
I keep my status on suspense
Some think they know me or how I get
Down those are the ones whom when
Drama is provoked they always around
I will always be a flower that hides her gloom
I’m a to myself agent listening to soul
Music in her room
I wont feel the need to be accepted
I rather u not like me and keep ur distance
Than be disrespected
My time is valuable I use it wisely
Noone has the right to waste my
Energy and be contagious like my name
Is Ron Iseley
I’m a outcast because I stand in truth
I promote realness with every aspect
Of my project
I stand proudly
No shame in my game
My outcast spells my name

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