A Selfless mother awareness thoughts

As a mother I am trying to keep my positive attitude and not see my children as a burden. I keep everything I’m feeling inside and hope and pray for the best. My mind is in different places I cry when I’m at a breaking point. I’ve tackled bills made sure my kids benefited off anything I have to give and more. I write poetry to ease my pain and listen to music to help me cope with lifes challenges. I ask a question if anyone can relate does your life revolve around your kids 24/7 with no ability to have any mommy time? I guess when I was single had no fiance or kids I could get up and go. Buy clothes for myself and enjoy my own company. No complaints sometimes I get frustrated with everyone in the house and want to walk away. A mothers job is never done we are there to wipe the tears, kiss the boos boos, feed, clothe and make sure they are raised in an old fashion way to teach our children values. I love my babies very much and wouldnt trade them for anything. My time goes to them my money goes to.them and everything I receive its ours not mine. It sometimes is hard and I stay keeping my head up through rough situations or anything that can not make me better. I swear I’m living right I dont go to the club or stay out all night. I stay home with my babies when I go somewhere they on my shoulder. I hold my baby boy and watch him grow so precious and chunky lil monkey I call him that cuz he climb get into everything and wants to eat a banana. He also bullies everyone over the TV at the age of one cuz he want to look at muppet babies or puppy pals. I turn he cry or if I’m watching my show he bring me the remote to turn or he will switch off the cable box. If he cant watch his toons you cant watch yours either. So he too smart when he hungry he let u know physically, now my daughter she let me know verbally when she bored or if she hungry or she want to go outside and play. I think about the short and long term of my kids. I Express this fact due to getting something off my chest.

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