A woman with a disability

I wonder do people hear themselves talk
How they talk about people with disorders or things they can not change
I wonder all these people whom call me retarted
And slow that say I have a problem
That I’m crazy and I need help I hear I get it too easy im told im 30
and I dont have it all together because I dont have a high paying job although it’s a lil bit hard for me To do things that I want and im not allowed to It’s funny to hear someone say things so cruel the same ones whom get on welfare made that their number one rule
Remember yall got kids
Remember yall got daughters and sons
One thing that cant be taught is common sense
Not even a lick of no ignorance
Whom are you to judge my mental state
And think it’s okay I have feelings
I’m human , but wait I know why
I’m called these names People need a target all reasons from being picked on in school the ones whom were teased Cuz of their weight or wasnt so fortunate looking in class making fun of me through a looking glass
U taunt me with words that u know
That hurts my esteem but reallly its ur
Reflection that makes u uneasy
Not happy what u bring to the universe
At one point I wanted to take my life
And even my childrens life dealt with post partum
But i write in a booklet everyday of prays
Just 2 keep my mind in shape so whatever
I’m dealing with I cant make no mistake
A.woman with a history of a bipolar father
Dysfunctional household with problems
Kept in secret my anger comes from my childhood relationships and so forth
A woman with stable support
Hear me never underestimated
No deaths will be investigated
That could be premeditated
My words rehearse personalities
Trippin on one foot which one you want

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